Drupal 8 Immersion in session

Thank you for taking time to look into the overview of Drupal 8 Immersion and how the program creates more certified Drupal 8 developers.

My name is Dallas Ramsden and I have been developing with Drupal for 10 years. I am a University of California, Irvine certified Virtual Teacher.

Since joining Acquia in 2015 I have had the privilege to exclusively teach Drupal 8 since the launch of Drupal 8.



Drupal 8 Immersion gets results. Of participants who take Acquia's Certified Drupal 8 Developer exam after completing the course, more than 90% of exam takers pass the exam.



Using modern instructional techniques and by gamifying the learning of Drupal 8, participants enjoy the process of becoming competent in Drupal 8 development. I strive for competency with all my participants. I actively encourage students to grow in the ways that they need to help them be successful in their role. This leads to a sense of personalized learning for each participant. Click to see more Testimonials.



Drupal 8 Immersion is an eight week engagement in which Acquia can strengthen the relationship with our partners. Browse this site or contact Dallas Ramsden for more details.